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Should libertarians/anarcho-capitalists vote?

Many anarchist libertarians claim it immoral to vote or to engage inpolitical action-the argument being that by participating in this wayin State activity, the libertarian places his moral imprimatur upon theState apparatus itself. But a moral decision must be a free decision, and the State has placed individuals in society in an unfree environment, in a general matrix of coercion. The State unfortunately exists, and people must necessarily begin with this matrix to try to remedy their condition. As Lysander Spooner pointed out, in an environment of State coercion, voting does not imply voluntary consent. Indeed, if the State allows us a periodic choice of rulers, limited though that choice may be, it surely cannot be considered immoral to make use of that limited choice to try to reduce or get rid of State power.

Ethics of Liberty by Murray Rothbard, pages 186-187

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Defending the Undefendable


via Reason Magazine

A lot of things we’re taught are completely wrong. Nick Gillespie from Reason Magazine and David Boaz from the Cato Institute argue for ticket scalping, child labour, price gouging and more on the Stossel show. Great stuff!

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