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Getting government out of people’s lives works well

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At least according to FIAS, a part of the world bank. In 2008 they released the report Special Economic Zones: Performance, Lessons learned and Implications for Zone Development.

It concludes that freedom to trade, do business, build, etc. and less regulations is what it takes for a Special Economic Zone to prosper. Shocking, really.

Via Ordning och anarki.

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Why Bubbles Burst: Austrian Business Cycle Theory

Austrian economists F. A. Hayek and Ludwig von Mises.

Austrian economists F. A. Hayek and Ludwig von Mises.

Good article on Austrian business cycle theory.

“[The austrian economists] answers […] to the question of why economic booms and busts are cyclic events is referred to as the Austrian theory of the business cycle. Their conclusion can be found in the artificial lowering of prices, not of bricks or lumber, per se, but of the price of money itself.”

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Capitalism Magazine – Unhampered Capitalism Will Stop the Insanity

People tend to blame bad business decisions on capitalism. For example, some business owners treat their employees poorly and would advance their own interests better by treating their employees well. Happy employees tend to lead to happy customers, which means more profit for all. People have a bad boss, and they blame the free market. “Government ought to step in where the free market fails,” they say.

This is like blaming oxygen for the actions of criminals. “If we didn’t have so much oxygen, criminals wouldn’t be able to breathe, and there would be less crime.”

It’s just as ridiculous to blame capitalism for the actions of business owners. The “oxygen” of business is unhampered, unrestricted capitalism.

Capitalism Magazine on capitalism today.

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