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Mandatory pornfilters to be implemented in the UK


David Cameron has announced plans to make ISPs filter their users internet connection from porn. If a user wishes to watch porn he/she needs to contact their ISP in order to have the filter switched off. But wait, there’s more! The possession of “extreme pornography” is also to be outlawed. What is “extreme pornography” you ask? Oh, that’s the beauty of it, by using a broad term like that it can mean practically anything. For now it includes images of simulated rape for example.

The British are the most supervised people I know of, and now it’s about to get worse. Yikes. How long until they start censoring other parts?

Via Motpol.

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Secret court order to monitor you at your ISP


Here’s an interesting article about an ISP in Utah that got a secret court order and a government server installed in their network to monitor one of their customers.

Make sure you use https, encrypt your mail, etc. Here’s a great page to check out if you’re like me and like to keep your private information private: prism-break.org.

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