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How The Welfare State Alienates Man From His Nature

Here’s a short blog post by We Are Libertarians on how the welfare state alienates man from his nature. Using none other than Marx’s theory of alienation.

What kind of system then, is most in line with human nature and increases aid to the less fortunate? It is certainly not a socialist or welfare state of forced charity. It would be a minarchist state or anarcho-capitalist society where aid is delivered via local charities and funded through voluntary contributions.

I certainly like the conclusion ;)

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Peter Schiff on Money and the Economic Crisis

Peter Schiff gives a great talk which covers quite a lot of ground. What is money? How did the world leave the gold standard? What are the consequences? Is capitalism or the free market to blame?

This talk was apparently given as a part of a bigger event with other speakers, including Ron Paul.

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