One thought on “Why Libertarianism Is So Dangerous

  1. Adjutant elefant

    It is a struggle between good guys and the bad guys, dont piss your pants it has been that way for a loong time because assholes aint beneficial for a cooperating group therefore bad guys are undesireable. Try to use what if on the good guys as much you do on the bad guys. The constant struggle between good guys and bad guys will continue a long time because it is the basic fundamentals of our moral reasoning or take it like this it is that struggle wich has created human intellect. You give up if you want to do it, but the more of us that gives up the greater chance they have to win. This struggle between good and bad is the longest conflict in human history and infact, it will NEVER cease to exist. But i think you should reconsider resigning because the world is a dangerous place not only because of evil people, the thing that drives it to it’s point is that decent people does NOTHING about that problem. How the fuck can we cultivate human decency without standing up for it’s values? That is the main thing if you want to make the earth a better place then you should never ever give up. If evil people get the whole world in charge then the world is heading down the toilet for once and all and i personally belive that life is much more valuable than that. If you give up you will become my enemy. Because your resignation will only contribute to the success of bad people that doesent give a tiniest ASS fucking shit about you. Is that what you want. If you resign i think it is better to give up the life instead because it is equally productive. Just reconsider.


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