15 reasons to legalize drugs

  1. Make our streets and homes safer.
  2. Put an end to prison overcrowding.
  3. Free up police resources to fight crime against people and property.
  4. Unclog the court system.
  5. Reduce official corruption.
  6. Improve race relations.
  7. Reduce Taxation.
  8. Cripple organized crime.
  9. Protect consumers better.
  10. Fight the spread of AIDS and other diseases.
  11. Halt the erosion of other personal liberties.
  12. Stop interfering in foreign countries and destabilizing their governments.
  13. Restore American image internationally.
  14. Restore parental responsibility.
  15. It’s the humane, civilized thing to do.

This is all of course beyond the most important reason of all: as long as you’re not hurting anybody else, you can do whatever you want.

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