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The Great Lie of the Nanny State

We were told that government standards keep us safe from disease, that government highway regulations keep us safe from car accidents, that federal agencies make sure that the food we eat will be healthy.

The result of all of this? Americans everywhere drive more carelessly, do not research what they put on their plate and take medications that leave them sicker, rather than healthier.

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The real goal isn’t even secret

Declaring that “school is the spearhead of Socialism,” Ingvar Carlsson, Sweden’s education minister from 1969 to 1973 (and later prime minister), insisted that removing children from the home through “pre-school training is essential ‘to eliminate the social heritage’” of undesirable, reactionary parental views. Sweden’s income tax system was even set up to “get both parents out of the home, so that children are forced out as well.”

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We Can’t Sit Back and Allow the Loss of Our Freedoms”…

“How did government get so removed, so unbridled, so arrogant that it can tell us how to live our personal lives? Evil rarely comes upon us all at once, and liberty is rarely lost in one stroke. It happens gradually, over the years and decades and even centuries. A little stretch here, a cave in there, powers are slowly taken from the states and the people and before you know it, we have one big monster government that recognizes no restraint on its ability to tell us how to live. It claims the power to regulate any activity, tax any behavior, and demand conformity to any standard it chooses.”

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